Nebraska is considered one of the states in “America’s Heartland.” Rooted in traditional values, economic self-sufficiency, and ingrained in agricultural life. From the area’s small-town communities and stretching farmlands to its urban cities, if you’re moving to the state, it is considered by many to be the backbone of the country. Down-to-earth, warm, and genuine are just a few words to describe typical Midwesterners. The region has a reputation for being home to exceptionally friendly people. Strong family values and community ties are two other reasons why Midwesterners are nothing but smiles.

The heart and soul of Nebraska is made up of small towns. Whether it’s the charm, friendly hospitality, or Midwest lifestyle, they are all unique. With the benefits of shorter commutes, low crime levels and affordable housing options, there is something about small town living that draws you in. Living in Northeast Nebraska instills a sense of belonging, a place where you feel you can make difference, and be a part of the community. It’s a place where you are greeted with freshly baked cookies from your neighbors when you move in. Where church members truly treat you like family the moment you walk in the doors. Where you can go grocery shopping or walk into a restaurant and see any number of friends. It’s a place where your neighbors watch over your house while you’re gone, and a place that you know, if you or one of your family members fall ill, someone will bring over a hot meal. It’s a place where the whole town attends the high school football game on Friday night, attends the pancake feed on a Sunday, and presents entries in the county fair.

People might think there are fewer opportunities in small towns, but they would be greatly mistaken. The amount of hands-on learning experiences, volunteering opportunities, and career options are abundant. There are many ways to get involved, and the local support you can receive is unmatched, as local talent doesn’t go unnoticed. Our area schools provide many opportunities for students to participate in multiple activities and can offer benefits that go beyond academic achievement. Career-wise, small cities give you more opportunities that allow you to climb the corporate ladder faster, as it’s not uncommon to be promoted to a higher position of management at a younger age. It’s also easier to network, and newcomers are welcome with open arms and friendly smiles.

With the hot and cold seasons lasting just over three months each, you get to experience a nice mix of weather. Enjoy crisp falls and cozy winters, followed by warming springs and sun-filled summers. Residents can enjoy several unique outdoor activities such as winter ice fishing and “tanking” down the river in the summer. Hikers, bikers, stroller-pushers, and leisurely walkers are never disappointed. Drive down scenic byways, take in local history and culture at area museums, hit a round at one of our many golf courses or enjoy live music at one of our many outdoor and indoor venues. Quality of life embodies overall well-being and happiness. So, whether it’s taking advantage of new opportunities, downsizing, empty nesting, or just adapting to the constantly-changing world, let our team help you find the right place that provides the quality of life that you are looking for.